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A website on how to protect your investment in the Iraqi Dinar.  Taxes and protection issues are discussed.







As you know, our veterans labored, sweat and sacrificed themselves,  and their lives, marriages, limbs, eyesight, and futures in their service to the USA for the benefit of Iraq and their security.  If the Iraqi Dinar revalues to a considerable level, you may stand to gain handsomely as a result of that appreciation.  There are issues beyond your control, such as taxation.  There are matters you may control; such as protection of your post-tax winnings.

When it comes down to taxes, a qualified tax advisor is critical.  Those who posts suggestions on how to establish offshore companies to evade taxes won't be doing the jail time for you.  Confirm and verify everything.


  • If the Dinar revalues (RV's), then the IRS may issue a summons to the banks and currency dealers to determine who bought the Dinar.  This will serve to identify the buyers of the Iraqi Dinar. 

  • With that list of Dinar holders in hand, the IRS will easily identify them and identify any purchases over $3,000 USD through Currency Transaction Reports(CTR's) and Suspicious Activity Reports(SARs) over $10,000.  No secrecy here.  If you buy a house, a car, a vacation property, or open large accounts offshore-- there will be contact with the financial networks, SWIFT system, and the IRS.  Opening offshore accounts require letters of recommendation from your existing US bank, your accountant or attorney.  Accountants and attorneys are not going to aid you in opening super secret bank accounts to evade taxes. 

  • These offshore jurisdictions are not secret.  They routinely share information off the books.  Further, many jurisdictions such as Belize, Costa Rica and Panama are defended in whole, or in part, by the US Military.  These countries often have public and private agreements with the United States for protection.  The banks in those countries, and elsewhere, are not going to thumb their nose at the IRS and the USA to aid you in hiding money.

  • In many of these offshore jurisdictions, the employees of a bank may be prosecuted for sharing information to others about a depositor.  These prosecutions almost never take place even when information is leaked.

  • The IRS will eventually target the promoters of the offshore companies, issue a summons for their clients and go after all of them for non-compliance in reporting requirements, and may even put them in jail.  What most often happens is that one of their clients is caught cheating on this taxes.  The client blames the promoter of the offshore scheme to evade taxes, and then the IRS goes after the promoter of the illegal tax shelter.  Eventually, the promoter releases his client information or faces prosecution; or both.

  • For those caught and going to jail, there will be no mercy.  As you know, our veterans labored, sweat and sacrificed their brothers, lives, marriages, limbs, eyesight, and futures in their service to the USA for the benefit of Iraq and our national security.  A jury of your peers will not be lenient; particularly if you didn't do any of the fighting, bloodletting, lost your marriage, lost your child, lost your brother, lost your father, as a result of the conflict.  If all you did was invest in the Dinar, and looked out for yourself, and evaded taxes, then you will be paraded with the ungrateful convicted mass of others for not paying their fair share.  It will not be a pretty sight.


Aged shelf corporations and LLC's offer no tax advantages.  We're not attorneys.  We're not tax advisors.  Aged corporations are not an advantage if you intend to do business with the government.



The real threat comes from the those who will seek to sue you once they realize you made money off the Dinar.  They seek to loot your gain and will justify it in their own mind.  As far as they are concerned, you didn't really work for it, so why should any of it be yours?  They don't take into consideration your risk, patience, and time researching the Dinar.  Anyone who identifies you as a holder of a large amount of cash will conduct an asset search at the slightest possible conflict and may sue you.  If you settle out of court, they still won a small amount of loot at your expense.  Even if you win, you lost money in attorney's fees, stress, and hassle.  Why make yourself into a target for thieving and conniving attorneys and their clients? 


The Wyoming LLC will protect your interests from private parties.  You will be able to protect your Dinar gains, your other financial assets, and your real estate with the Wyoming LLC. 

Wyoming has no state income tax.  When the LLC is taxed as a partnership, the income and deductions flow through the company to your income tax return.  You report the income or deductions on your 1040 return.  Any state income tax is paid to the state in which you live.

Wyoming invented the LLC in 1977.  All the other states followed suit.  Wyoming is known for its pro-business atmosphere, respect for property rights, and strong corporate veil for solid limited liability protection.

How will the Wyoming LLC protect my Dinars and my other assets?

  • Limited Liability.  A creditor may only go after the assets in the company to satisfy a judgment against the company.  The creditor will not be able to chase you for the debts of the company.  The Wyoming LLC offers limited liability.


  • Strong corporate veil.  The company's limited liability protection is extremely secure.  Wyoming is known for its great respect for property rights.  The corporate veil is the shield against anyone seeking to go after the assets of the owners of the company, for the debts of the company.  They can't do this as long as the corporate veil is secure.  The corporate veil is weak in states such as California, New Jersey, New York, and other high tax, or states where there is an over-population of lawyers.


  • Protection from the public record.  The Dinars are probably in your hand, privately.  When the Dinars RV, you'll need to open an account and exchange the currency.  When you start acquiring valuable property, such as real estate and vehicles, then the registration of that property may be done in the name of the LLC; instead of your own name.  Any asset that's in your name may be located through an asset search.  Attorneys don't sue poor people.  Anyone with any asset worth taking is a target.  The solution is to place the asset in the name of a company.  Then place someone else's name on the company to keep your name off the public record.  We provide a manager, consulting, support, and start up advice.  The manager also signs various releases declaring himself as working for you, and that he doesn't own or control the company.  You always maintain control.  The manager stays on throughout the year protecting you from the public record, providing start up advice, and answering questions.  You file the income tax returns and sign on the bank account.  You control the money, the company, and everything else. 


  • Get Ready Now Protection.  Acquire the LLC now and maintain it until the Dinar Revalues to your satisfaction.  When the Dinar RV's, this is your action plan:

    • Apply for the Employer Identification Number (takes 10 minutes).

    • Apply for the bank account online with BankofAmerica.com.  Open the account with a minimum balance.  You are the signer on the account.

    • Keep the account open for when the Dinar RV's.

    • When there's an RV that satisfies you, go to the bank.  Exchange the Dinars for US Currency into the account for the LLC.  

    • This method empowers you to act the instant the Dinar RV's.

    • Since we need about ten days to delivery your company, it's best to incorporate now and ready your LLC in advance.

    • When the Dinar RV's you're instantly ready to take advantage of the situation, make your deposit, and acquire assets in the name of the RV.

    • Once the funds are deposited in the LLC account, make your real estate, financial and vehicle acquisitions.  The LLC is ready.  Title what's important in the name of the LLC.  Enjoy protection from the public record.

    If you don't obtain an LLC, anything you title in your name will be a target by anyone who knows you, anyone that doesn't like you, and anyone who has a reason to sue you.  Make one mistake and you're in court.  Why take the risk?  Wealth is supposed to be a blessing, not a curse.  Wealth is like teeth; ignoring either will result in unpredictable loss.

  • Protect financial assets, intellectual property claims, real estate and automobiles.   Any asset worth buying may be placed in an LLC.

    •  There are two methods to protecting assets such as real estate, automobiles, and other assets that require title.

      • The first method is to place the asset into the LLC.

      • The second method is to keep the asset in your name, and then the LLC files a lien against the asset.  In this way, the equity of the asset is removed.  Any outsider looking at your asset portfolio will determine that the assets are not worth chasing because of the existing debt.


  • Wyoming disallows for the foreclosure of a member's LLC interest.

The creditor's only remedy is to obtain a charging order against your LLC interest.  A charging order is tantamount to a wage attachment against your wages.  A charging order is an attachment against any monies you were to receive from an LLC. 

  • The creditor is not permitted to foreclose against your LLC interest.

  • The creditor is not permitted a court order for directions, accounts and inquiries.

Review this with your attorney:  This is the actual wording of 17-29-503 of the Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act: Charging order (g).

This section provides the exclusive remedy by which a person seeking to enforce a judgment against a judgment debtor, including any judgment debtor who may be the sole member, dissociated member or transferee, may, in the capacity of the judgment creditor, satisfy the judgment from the judgment debtor's transferable interest or from the assets of the limited liability company. Other remedies, including foreclosure on the judgment debtor's limited liability interest and a court order for directions, accounts and inquiries that the judgment debtor might have made are not available to the judgment creditor attempting to satisfy a judgment out of the judgment debtor's interest in the limited liability company and may not be ordered by the court.

Let's take this in bite size pieces.  Consider a charging order as a "wage attachment" against the member's interest in the LLC.  The Manager has a prerogative not to release any distributions to the member's if there's a risk to their interests.  The holder of the charging order is then liable for paying taxes on the money they were supposed to receive.  And yet, the creditor gets nothing from the LLC.  But they are still liable for the taxes!  Can you imagine how the creditor will feel once he realizes that he will need to pay taxes on monies not received?  This is frustrating for any creditor.  You're effectively leveraging the IRS against the creditor by properly designing the LLC.  In this case, the IRS is your friend.  For this protection to take effect, your interest in the LLC must be declared on your income tax return.  And that's fine.  What you list on the income tax return is private.  The IRS doesn't share this information with the public record. 

For this protection to take into effect, the company must be structured in a simple way:

  • Manager-managed

  • At least two members

  • Taxed as a partnership.

Our set of documents; the articles of organization, the operating agreement and the resolutions are specifically structured to maximize the protection against the charging order protection.  VIEW THE LLC PRESENTATION HERE.

A generic LLC will not accomplish these objectives.


  • LLC stands for Limited Liability Company.

  • As the owner, or part owner, of an LLC; you are known as the member.

  • Membership (ownership) is expressed as a percentage (adds up to 100%).

  • The best way to structure the LLC is to have at least two members.  Consider the second owner to be your spouse, child or significant other.

  • Each LLC should have a manager. 

  • For maximum protection, the LLC should also be taxed as a partnership.

  • There are three parts to an LLC; the articles of organization, the operating agreement and the resolutions.

    • The articles of organization are filed with the State of Wyoming.

    • The operating agreement is the most important part of the company.  A well written operating agreement is key to a strong LLC.

    • The resolutions are just decisions made and reduced to paper.  For example, "It is resolved the LLC to sell 1,000,000 Iraqi Dinars and buy a Ferrari."

Each LLC needs a registered agent.  The registered agent is the contact person for the government or other person who seeks to serve notice upon the company.  Examples of this are notices of audit from the IRS, a notice of a lawsuit against the company, or any other legal notice.  These notices are served upon the registered agent where the company was filed.  If you live in Wyoming, you may serve as your company's registered agent.  If you don't live in Wyoming, we provide this service for only $75 per year.

In Wyoming, the annual filing fee with the State of Wyoming is only $50 per year.  This is an annual report that must be paid.  The annual fees in other states where LLC's are commonly formed are much more expensive.  Nevada charges $325 per year in fees.  Delaware charges $150. 

Can the Wyoming LLC protect me from the IRS?

There's no protection from the IRS--anywhere.  If you owe money to the IRS, please find a way to pay it off.

What makes us different that any other incorporator/company services operator?

  • We also buy the the Dinar as an investment, and identify with your goals.

  • We've been doing this for over then years.

  • We invested a great deal of time and money into an advance operating agreement to protect the interests of LLC members.

  • We include documents specific to the Dinar RV event.

  • Our focus is on Wyoming. 

  • We produce the most secure LLC's from the best possible state.

  • We keep our expenses low.  Our rates hardly ever go up.  We pass those savings onto you.

  • We answer the phone and call you back!

  • Customer service is the keystone of our company.

  • 100% American company.  We don't employ calling centers from outside the USA!

  • You are able to reach the company President and talk about your goals at no extra charge.

  • Read this website.  We seek to empower you by giving great solutions and a reasonable rate.  We share information with you for free without registering for anything.

  • We won't harass you with spam. 

  • We keep your expenses low so you can buy more Dinars!

  • We will never advocate anything illegal.  Protect yourself without looking over your shoulder. 

  • No need to fear the IRS. Our plan is based on compliance with all IRS regulations.  

Why not a Delaware LLC?  Why Wyoming?

Wyoming best serves the interests of small and family owned businesses.  A small business is a business with less than 100 Million Dollars in sales.

Delaware best serves the interest of big business.  Delaware is best if LLC will go public with an initial offering of stock to be traded on an exchange.  If the LLC will be owned by thousands of people, then Delaware is best.

Since the LLC's purpose is to simply protect your interests, then Wyoming fits perfectly.  Wyoming invented the LLC back in 1977.

Seeking a shelf corporation or shelf LLC?


1.  Choose the company name for your LLC

2.  We send a custom order form

3.  Approve the order and fax to our number, 702.920.8824.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover

4.  We process the order after receiving payment

5.  The documents we have on file are sent via USPS Express Mail, w/tracking number

6.  We order a new set of documents from the Secretary of State

7.  You provide an updated list of officers and the new company address

8.  You apply for the EIN and the bank account.

9.  You file the company in another state and update that information with us.


We don't sell or convert currencies, or offer investment advice.







  • New Wyoming LLC, $450

  • Mail forwarding & Virtual Office, $200 per year

  • We provide a manager for the LLC to keep you off the public record and secure the corporate veil, $100

  • Wyoming Registered Agent, $75 per year renewal

  • Call 307-237-2580




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All sales are approved in Wyoming.

Aged shelf companies available



Once your LLC is ready and you opened the account with $100, you're ready for anything.  If there's a favorable RV, simply make a deposit with your foreign currency (dinar).  Usually, the bank will deposit a certain percentage of the converted funds immediately, and then another portion within a week.


Some considerations:

  • Don't entangle yourself or your LLC with any business group or bank in advance of the RV.  Don't agree to cash in with anyone.  Scammers intend to take out a group of investors at once.

  • Consider using a credit union rather than a national bank.  Credit unions move slower, but your rights are respected as a customer.  Credit unions also treat their customers better, offer better terms, and are just as safe.

  • Consider cashing in a small portion with a credit union.  Then do the same with a national bank and note the differences in response and how they treat you.  Then think carefully on where to convert the majority of the Dinars.  Making the wrong choice may tie up your money, investment and require a lawyer.  Never underestimate the power of greed.

  • Be cognizant on how the representatives will perceive your financial investment.  They may possess jealousy.  They may also rationalize that you really didn't earn the money, and therefore; don't deserve it.  They may attempt to herd you into buying insurance and investments that may complicate or cause hassles.  Don't buy what you don't understand.

  • Consider cashing in slowly.  Perhaps cash in 20% immediately, 20% in a month, 20% in six months, or under a timetable that is suitable to you.  The first rate may be throwing you a bone.

  • Think for yourself.  Following the herd may cost you dearly.

  • Expect the financial institutions will circle the wagons and attempt to delay paying the conversion, or insist you buy their financial products (invest in mutual funds, money market funds, etc.).  Don't group yourself with anyone else. Financial institutions are made up of greedy people looking for a bonus.

  • Finally, don't buy into any financial advice.  The Dinar may take years to RV.  Don't let it run your life.

  • Don't keep the Dinars in a safety deposit box.  Keep it in hand at a safe location.

  • Money is a powerful tool and a dangerous enemy.  Never underestimate that you may your own worst enemy.  The financial institutions will know information before you will.  They will be ready for you, and looking to keep your money in their system.



  • When writing checks to pay credit cards, place the last four numbers on the check.  Don't write the entire credit card number on the check.
  • Photocopy the contents of what's in your wallet.  Keep those copies with someone that you trust.
  • Place your initials on your checks.  Don't print your full name.
  • On back of credit cards, sign "check photo id".
  • Place work number on the check, not your home phone number.
  • Contact the following groups to place a fraud alert on your name and SSN, and when your info is stolen:

Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
Social Security Administration (fraud line): 1-800-269-0271

COURTESY:  DinarProtection.com



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All disputes are handled in Wyoming.

All sales are approved in Wyoming.